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Adopt A Scottie!

Adopt a Rescue Scottie for the Right Reasons

The decision to add a Scottie to your life is not one to be made lightly or on impulse. You must first evaluate your needs, the needs of your family, what you want in a Scottie and whether this breed will make a good match. Adopting a Scottie – or any dog – is a long-term commitment; with proper care, many Scotties can live 11 to 14 years. Before you make any decision, make sure you know exactly how a Scottie will affect your life.

How Much Time Can You Devote to the Scottie?

Scotties require a substantial time commitment from you. You are getting a Scottie for companionship and that takes time to develop and nurture. Your Scottie may also require training and certainly play times and exercise. All of these activities take time. Your Scottie will need fresh water provided daily and of course regular feeding schedules. Routine grooming is essential as well as other care to include bathing, teeth brushing, toenail trimming and veterinary care as needed. These are tasks that require time and financial resources to properly take care of your Scottie.

Please keep in mind that if you submit an application for adoption, there may not be a rescue Scottie available for you right away. It is important for the rescue groups to be sure it is the best match for both you and the Scottie. While you may be able to provide a perfect loving home, it may not necessarily be the right home for the needs of the Scottie. Many factors go into consideration so please do not be discouraged if you are not able to adopt right away. Rescue groups recognize a perfect forever home and will help you through the adoption process to make sure it is successful for both you and the Scottie.

The average age of a rescued Scottie is between two and six years. Frequently there are Scotties older than the average and seldom are there any younger than two. Males tend to outnumber the females. All Scotties are vetted and spayed or neutered before they are placed in a new home.

"I'm looking for a Scottie. Can you help me find one?"

Does this sound like you? 

Perhaps this article from the March/April, 1999 issue of Great Scots Magazine by Carole Fry Owen will provide a better understanding of how to begin the process by providing various resources and questions to ask. 

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