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Volunteer Opportunities

Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, Inc. and rescue affiliates in Texas are volunteer-run organizations. No funds go to pay any staff.  There are many opportunities for volunteers at both TSRF and the four Texas rescue affiliates.  

Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, Inc. has a primary mission to support the statewide rescue coordinators with funds to help the "Special Needs Rescue Scotties" in Texas.  Therefore our needs are somewhat different than the statewide groups.

We are always looking for those interested in fundraising and helping to provide support to these groups. If you have a love of Scotties and have any of the following skills, we would welcome you as a volunteer:

  • Marketing/Media

  • Fundraising

  • Accounting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Administrative

  • Social Media

  • Attending events representing TSRF

Texas Scottie Rescue Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore we are always looking for volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors.


Texas Rescue Groups typically have needs specific to each group but the following types of volunteers are always especially welcomed and encouraged:

  • Foster Homes are always needed where Rescue dogs can heal and get ready for their forever homes. If a group does not have foster homes, additional dogs must be turned away. Fostering can be short or long term; sometimes even permanent. You will work closely with the Rescue group that is handling the dog and will be provided instructions. Veterinary expenses will generally be covered, but that should be clarified with the rescue group. Remember, if you become a Foster Home, you will be an invaluable asset! There can be no Rescue team without you.

  • Rescue Coordinators are needed in additional areas of our state.  Helping with rescue includes intake of a dog, evaluation, interviews and placement, finding a foster home, coordinating vet visits and transportation and more. 

  • Transportation is often needed to relocate a Scottie in a remote part of the state, transport across town or transport to a vet appointment. Texas is so big it really needs more than four Scottie Rescue groups.

  • Placement Visit Assistance – Volunteers are needed who can attend the placement visits with the foster care provider.  Placement visits involve many things, including paperwork, photos, observations, evaluations, and answering questions about the Scottie's care and the adoption process. 

  • Supplies and monetary donations are always needed by our rescue groups, and volunteers to help with their picnics, social activities, newsletters, websites and Facebook pages, to name a few needs.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please take a few minutes to complete our Volunteer Application. A representative of TSRF will contact you and discuss how to get involved.  Thank you for your interest in helping the "Special Needs Scotties" of Texas!

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