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Scottie Resources

TSRF is pleased to provide various links to resources and information that may be helpful. They are provided as a service; TSRF is not responsible for any information or content associated with these links.​​

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National Breed Club and Texas Regional Clubs

The Scottish Terrier Club of America is the AKC breed club for the Scottish Terrier.  Its members are a diverse group united in their interest in the breed. They spend time with their dogs at home on the sofa and at a variety of activities, including social events and all kinds of performance events from Conformation showing to Agility to Earthdog. Some members also breed and raise puppies, while others participate in the rescue and rehoming of Scots who need a new home. Universally, members of the STCA love their Scotties.

GDSTC is a STCA Regional Club. The Club was formed and exists to encourage and promote responsible ownership and quality breeding of purebred Scottish Terriers. GDSTC is committed to protect and advance the interests of the breed and sportsmanlike competition at dog events.

STCGH is a STCA Regional Club  whose goal is to highlight the many attributes of the breed by encouraging participation in conformation and performance activities while enriching the lives of all Scottish Terrier enthusiasts. 

TX Bluebonnet Tartan-Final.jpg

Registered with the Scottish Tartans Society 15.Jan 1985. Designed by June Prescott McRoberts (1922-1999), proprietor of the 'Thistles & Bluebonnets' store in Salado, Texas. The tartan was adopted as the Sequicentennial Tartan and was officialy adopted as the Texas State Tartan on 25th May 1989. The colours of the Texas Bluebonnet district tartan owe their selection to the bluebonnet flower, a member of the lupin family, which is widespread in many parts of Texas. The flower changes colour with the passing of time, the 'brim' becoming flecked with wine red.

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