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History of TSRF

Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, Inc. 

A One-of-a-Kind Scottie Non-Profit


By Carole Fry Owen


    Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, Inc. (TSRF) is unique. It was the first Scottie Rescue non-profit organization established not to rescue Scotties itself, but to support other Scottie Rescue groups financially. Today it remains just as unique. TSRF’s mission is to help Special Needs Scottie Rescues, the ones which are expensive to “fix.” Specifically, TSRF helps Scotties handled by Texas’ three rescue groups affiliated with the Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA).


   The late Daphne Branzell of Windcrest, TX, was the mover-and-shaker behind TSRF. With her husband Marshall, Daphne chaired the STCA’s national rescue network from 1996 to 2002. Having daily contact with Scottie Rescue workers around the nation, Daphne and Marshall knew very well the great drain expensive rescue dogs are on the resources of small rescue groups. 


     Daphne had founded San Antonio Area Scottie & Westie Rescue in the early 1990s, She experienced first hand the dollars required when an older dog needed evaluation and treatment, or when a dog required surgery or extensive rehab. Daphne germinated the idea for an organization that would pay veterinary care for Scottie Rescues in great need. TSRF would not rescue dogs itself, but would raise money to help area Scottie Rescue groups with their dogs.

Daphne Branzell
Daphne Branzell
Daphne Branzell
Daphne Branzell

Daphne enlisted the help of husband Marshall, a retired Air Force officer, and the legal and financial expertise of Diane and Bobby Meadows, Scottie and Westie owners living near San Antonio. Diane was Senior Paralegal in a law office, and Bobby was a CPA. The team of four started the involved process of forming a Texas corporation that would have 501 (c) (3) non-profit status with the U. S. Internal Revenue Service.

Daphne & Marshall Branzell

    Thus was TSRF born in 2002. Scottish Terrier Club of America leaders recognized a good idea and soon began work to establish a similar charitable rescue entity for STCA. The national breed club’s Rescue Trust Fund was founded in 2005, with Daphne Branzell one of its initial trustees. “Daphne was a woman with ideas ahead of her time,” remembers current RTF chairman (and original trustee) Erica Cerny, Rockaway, NJ.


   TSRF’s initial Board of Directors from 2002 to 2010 was Daphne Branzell, president; and board members Diane Meadows, then in Bulverde; and Carole Owen, Temple. Marshall Branzell was treasurer. Daphne and Marshall retired from active TSRF work after 2011, but remained advisers and supporters. Sadly, Daphne died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2015. Her legacy for Scotties lives!

   Texas Scottie Rescue Fund is grateful to the Scottie fanciers who have served as Board members. After Daphne Branzell, Diane Meadows and Carole Owen, there have been Jo Schomberg, Converse; the late Elaine Thompson, Elgin (treasurer for many years); Judy Larson, Castroville; Libby Probandt, San Angelo; Penny Pfeil, San Antonio; Linda Montgomery, Austin; Linda Bassett, Round Rock; Liz Mikulec, Camp Wood; Jackie Taylor, Austin; and Elaine Chaney, Austin. Steve Thompson served as assistant treasurer, too.


   TSRF’s 2021 Board members are: Elaine Chaney, president; Linda Bassett, vice-president; Lynda March, treasurer; and Carole Owen, secretary. TSRF welcomes interest from Scottie folks who might consider future Board service. The Board meets in Austin, several times a year.


   Raising money for Special Needs Scottie Rescues is TSRF’s reason for being. Education also is a stated purpose in TSRF’s Constitution and By-Laws. Preservation and well being of our breed, and the education of responsible, knowledgeable Scottie owners are TSRF’s underlying goals. Texas Scottie Rescue Fund is a cheerleader for Scottie Rescue wherever it exists!


   Remembering TSRF’s early days, all the Scottie-themed handiwork that Daphne sewed to raise money for Scotties stands out to me. She was always collecting Scottie fabric for a fund-raising project. She also spearheaded some wonderful raffles, like TSRF’s last one of a huge grapevine Scottie. 

   Diane Meadows remembers, too: “TSRF did the silent auction portion of the almost world famous annual San Antonio Area Scottie and Westie Rescue “Black & White” afternoon teas.  Generous donations came in from everywhere for the silent auction, which is how we made money in the early years of TSRF.  Then, from the five years of delicious goodies served at the teas, Daphne authored her wonderful 'Teatime in Texas' afternoon tea cookbook, which sold around the world.  Money from those books went to TSRF." Unfortunately 'Teatime in Texas' is now out-of-print.

   “Working with Daphne was one of the most rewarding, and Scottie/Westie educational times, of my life,” says Diane.  “I know she touched many other lives through the years.  She had so much knowledge and experience and freely shared it with anyone who needed help.  She was the go-to gal in all things “Scottie and Westie.” All who knew Daphne will always remember her!

   Daphne also wrote "Pet Grooming, the Scottish Terrier", and donated it to TSRF to publish and sell.  She was a licensed, professional dog groomer who specialized in terriers. Daphne liked to pass on terrier grooming tips, and taught several grooming workshops for TSRF and her San Antonio rescue people. TSRF would like to reissue Daphne’s ever-helpful grooming manual.


   Facebook: What would TSRF do without Facebook? It has opened TSRF’s window to the world. Be sure to visit our main Facebook page at You’ll find photos and stories about some of the Texas Rescue Scotties needing homes and others that have found their forever homes.


   In 2014, TSRF began our popular annual Facebook auction of Scottish Terrier collectibles, fashions and most anything with a Scottie, Westie or terrier on it. Thank you to former board member Linda Montgomery for bringing us this successful idea and serving as our first auction chairman. Terrier fanciers across America know they can count on TSRF’s "Share the Scottie Love Auction" each March for many great vintage treasures, plus current Scottie finds, too. The three-day auction often raises up to $10,000. Visit TSRF’s auction page at


   Tip: Want to thin your Scottie collection? TSRF can help. And you will help Scottie Rescue! TSRF provides an official non-profit donor’s tax statement for items donated to the auction. For more information about donating individual pieces or collections, contact TSRF’s auction chairman Linda Bassett at


   TSRF introduced our new website in 2018. It continues to offer our convenient one-stop rescue application. Apply for a Scottie (or terrier) Rescue at, and your application will be sent to the coordinators of all four Texas Scottie Rescue groups. The website also features rescue news, interesting articles and helpful links. There is a PayPal button for donations.


   North Texas Scottie Rescue, Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston, San Antonio Area Scottie & Westie Rescue, and West Texas Scottie Rescue are the Texas groups you help when you donate to Texas Scottie Rescue Fund. If our four affiliates need money for vetting a Scottie or Scottie mix, they know they can count on TSRF! We also give each group an annual grant. You, the Friends of Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, help many Scotties!


   We’d love to share the stories of all the Scottie Rescues that TSRF has helped. They are many, and memorable. Let us tell you about one. Smokey’s amazing story is the best example of how TSRF and our Friends like you can rise to a need, even when “impossible” might describe the mission.


   Smokey was a Rescue Scottie placed in 2011 by West Texas Scottie Rescue with the Jones family near a large lake at Gun Barrel City. All was well until Smokey and his Scottie pal Sparkle escaped their yard one morning in 2014 and became prey instead of hunters. Sparkle died in the coyote attack. Smokey staggered home, gravely injured. West Texas Scottie Rescue wanted to help its Rescue alum and contacted TSRF. A miracle was born.


   Surgery and round-the-clock veterinary care at a specialty clinic in Dallas was the only way Smokey was going to make it. TSRF stepped off into the unknown with this dog, with hope in our hearts. The photos we saw of Smokey’s wounds, even after surgery, were shocking, and painful to look at. Sutures crisscrossed his side like Frankenstein’s monster. Two high dollar weeks of intensive care left Smokey’s final bills at almost $10,000.

TSRF Smokey th Scottie

   Thanks to TSRF’s Facebook page, Smokey captured the hearts of Scottie and terrier owners all over the U. S., and, in fact, the world. TSRF received donations of $5,690 from Texas, 22 other states, Canada, Australia and Korea for Smokey. With those contributions plus a dip into our treasury, TSRF paid $7,314.50, which covered all Smokey’s intensive care clinic bill and part of his Dallas surgery and local clinic bills.

   Several months after the coyote attacked Smokey, fresh wheaten color coat was covering over his extensive spider web scars. Smokey looked almost like a new dog. The Jones family is endlessly grateful for help the Scottie World gave their Smokey.

For Smokey’s story, read more: 

   This story does not include the graphic photos of Smokey's injuries. If you are interested in seeing the severe and dire medical condition that Smokey was faced with, click here.

Warning, graphic photos.

Texas Scottie Rescue Fund thanks you. Without you, we could not have helped Smokey, or the many other Scottie Rescues we’ve helped since 2002. Thank you, Friends. Thank you, Daphne Branzell.

Read the 2015 memorial article about Daphne Branzell from the STCA Bagpiper Magazine.

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