TSRF Board of Directors

Elaine Chaney, President

   My love of Scottie dogs began when I was six years old and my grandparents gave my sister and me a puppy for Christmas.  Snoopy was a true friend and we grew up together.  Fast forward to my living at home during law school and my parents second Scottie, Duffy, became a great source of fun and comfort as I faced the challenges that graduate school posed.   

   In 1999, I bought my house in Austin and I knew that having a yard would finally allow me to get a Scottie of my very own.  MacGregor was a wheaten Scottie and an absolute sweetheart of a dog.  He and I enjoyed several of the Terrier and Bluebonnet picnics hosted by San Antonio Area Scottie and Westie Rescue.  I also enjoyed the teas.  The picnics and the teas made real for me the important work done by Scottie rescue and made me want to be a part of it.  When the chance to join the board of Texas Scottie Rescue Fund arose, I jumped at the opportunity.  It is so rewarding to know that a small commitment of my time and effort can help us raise funds to assist our four affiliate organizations in paying for the veterinary care of special needs dogs so that they can be restored to health and find a new home.   

   MacGregor died in July 2010 and by December of that year, I was ready to welcome a new Scottie into my life.  Baxter, like Snoopy, Duffy and MacGregor before him, has captured my heart.  All of the Scotties in my life have taught me about love and devotion.  Rescue gives the chance for these wonderful dogs to bring that special something to their new families.  How could I not want to be a part of that?

   In August 2016, I retired as an attorney with the State of Texas.  My retirement has freed up time to pursue other endeavors.  I am thankful that TSRF has given me a chance to be a part of giving back to the dog breed that has given so much to me.

Linda Bassett, Vice President

   Linda has been owned by Scotties for 36 years. Presently Harry Potter and Fiona live with Linda and her husband Bill in Round Rock, TX. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Houston as well as Trophy Chair, Banquet Auction Chair and STCGH Web Master. Linda is a member of the Scottish Terrier Club of America. Linda previously showed Scotties in conformation. However, these days she enjoys spending time with Fiona out on the lure coursing field. Linda is an avid Scottie dog memorabilia collector. She grew up an Army Brat, was schooled for a few years in Germany, and came of age backpacking and travelling in Europe.
   Linda can often be seen at dog shows, helping ready Scotties for the ring. She is an accomplished groomer and has a sizable clientele of Scotties in the Central Texas area. We dare not ask how many Scottie collectibles live at Linda’s house with Harry Potter and Fiona. Many are showcased (especially her favorite green Scotties) in her home. Then there are all the boxes, and boxes and boxes of other Scotties in storage. Linda spent many years attending the annual Wee Scots and Cincy Scotty Friends Conventions for Scottie memorabilia collectors. Over the years she presented several educational seminars pertaining to different genres of collectibles. As a collector, she is a natural as TSRF’s perennial Facebook Auction Chairman, curating our many vintage items.

Jackie Taylor, Treasurer

   I am not sure where my love of Scotties came from, but I always knew that someday, I wanted to own one. I just loved the way they looked and learning that they are independent, I knew we’d be a perfect match! That time came in 2002 when I had purchased my first home and felt the time was right to bring a Scottie into my life.  My first Scottie was Kramer, who I adopted from Blue Dog Rescue in Austin. Kramer was found as a stray running down Kramer Lane in Austin. When I met him, it was love at first sight. After surviving my first home visit, our love affair began. 

   Kramer was with me through the tragic loss of my mother and sister and the marriage to my husband who is now a Scottie convert. He provided so much love and comfort during the hard times and shared my happiness in bringing my husband and his two dogs into our life. In 2007, Kramer was diagnosed with Bladder, Stomach and liver cancer. I was devastated. During his final days, I felt I needed another Scottie to keep our Lab (Megan) from being lonely and I learned about Texas Scottie Rescue Fund. 

   When Quincy showed up on North Texas Scottie Rescue looking for a forever home, I felt he belonged in our family.  Quincy came to live with us in May and a few months later, Kramer grew his angel wings.  A few years back, I decided I wanted to learn dog agility so I started looking for a young pup.  When I saw Joy on the Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston website, I was smitten. Even though she is a Scottie mix, she has that Scottie personality!  So Joy joined our family in 2014 at about 12 weeks old. We started puppy obedience classes and when she was old enough (Dogs should not participate in agility before 18 months) we enrolled in agility classes. We are now agility pros, having moved from Novice to Open class and we both love to compete in agility trials! We compete all over Central Texas, and sometimes in Houston and Dallas!

   Because TSRF was instrumental in bringing me two wonderful family members, I felt the need to give back. My background in running a large state nonprofit for early childhood professionals provided a good background to assist TSRF. I became a Board member in 2015. In 2016, we were all saddened by the sudden loss of our Treasurer, Elaine Thompson.  The Board asked if I would assist with the finances after her loss and asked me to be Treasurer.  I have used my finance background to manage our finances effectively and make sure all our donations are tracked and that our books are in good order.  I am proud to be able to give back to an organization that has helped bring so much “Joy” into our lives.

Carole Owen, Secretary

   Carole has certainly been a force in the Scottie world! She has shown in conformation, published numerous articles about the breed and fought on the steps of the Texas State Capitol for responsible dog legislation. As past President of TSRF, Carole has contributed enormous amount of experience and continues her devotion to Scotties with her tireless efforts as TSRF Secretary.

   These days Carole takes care of her rescue Scottie Higgins while enjoying her other passions of reading, genealogy and training for her annual trek to the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


* TSRF Board of Directors member since its founding in 2002, and former        President

* Owner of Scottish Terriers for more than 50 years

* Scottish Terrier Club of America member since 1982

* Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Houston member, since 1986

* Greater Dallas Scottish Terrier Club member, since 1986

* Responsible Pet Owners Alliance member since 1990s

* Temple, TX, and Big Spring, TX, Animal Services Committee, former            member and chairman

* Former breeder/exhibitor of Scottish Terriers (15 years)

* Sweepstakes judge at Scottish Terrier specialties, including National              Rotating

* Former trustee Scottish Terrier Club of America’s Health Trust Fund

* Member of the STCA's Health Registry Committee that formulated     

     Scottish Terrier participation in OFA's CHIC registry.

* Scottie Rescue volunteer since early 1990s

* Life member, Big Spring Kennel Club

* Member Dog Writers Association of America, National Federation of              Press Women, Press Women of Texas

* Writer for Scottish Terrier Club of America’s Bagpiper, and other dog            publications since 1980s

* Columnist for Great Scots Magazine for 10 years